Maddie Sawertailo

Early childhood ed major

Kaylee Daniels

Sociology major
psychology minor

Annicka Rabida

computer science & graphic design major
music minor

Emily Weise

MC/EA Social studies ed major
Broadfield social studies minor

Krystal Pold

Theology Major
music minor

Katie Hulce

Business admin major
leadership studies minor

Szidonia Schultz

Psychology Major
English minor

Kallan Wilde

Geology Major

Victoria Hunt

Political Science major
sociology minor

Danielle Tabisz

Communication & media studies Major
Business admin minor
leadership studies minor

Kassidy Freund

Instrumental music Ed Major

Madelyn Glosny

Communications & Integrative Studies major Theater Minor

Taylor Donoval

Theater studies major

Claire Ferguson

Spanish, International Studies, & Politcal science triple major

Dahyana Flores

Political Science & International Studies double major
philosophy minor

Holly Buczek

MC/EA ed major History & broad field social studies double minor

Ellens Crofts

History & Spanish double major

Molly Freye

Economics and business double major

Madison Mroczenski

Psychology major
women's and gender studies minor

Abbey Gonnering

Psychology Major
Sociology Minor

Hannah Kupfer

sociology major
music minor

Mercedes Danforth

Psychology Major
Sociology Minor

Sam Wenberg

Sam is our ugly which is a male representative from another greek or social group. He is from Tau Kappa Epsilon